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Illustrator Help?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 1:14 AM

Hey hey hey!

When I have spare time at school, I vectorise some of my work on illustrator. 

But, what do I save the file as? When I come to upload it on here, it says I must have a preview image, have you any idea what to do?

The help is really appreciated, if you have anything to offer.

Thanks a lot!

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5 Favourite Ponies

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 3:01 AM
Hey everyone! This was going to be part of my last journal, but it was super long, so I'll put it in it's own journal instead.

        I saw a journal earlier which had the title of "5 Favourite Ponies"
and it's where you have to fill out 5 of your favourite ponies and give good reasons for each.
{I guess Equestria Girls can be included too.}
Here's mine:


 I've had her as my favourite pony for the longest out of the Mane Six, and every day I've wondered why I like her so much. We are nothing alike. So relativity mustn't be anything to do with that.
She's into fashion - whereas I have NO fashion-sense.
She's quite posh - I'm far from!
She's really interested the famous and trending - I'm not really into that kinda stuff.
She's into makeup and beauty - This isn't in my interests!
She's great at sewing, stitching - I'm not. 
She hates to get dirty - I don't mind so much!
Has a younger sibling - I have an older sibling.
She's fabulous - I'm a plain Jane!
Wears false eyelashes and makeup - I don't wear makeup and I'm au-naturel!
She's talented at singing and piano/keytar - I'm not a singer nor do I know any instruments.
She's great at explanations - I really struggle in that aspect

But, there are a few relatable things I've noted:
She's great at what she does, but doesn't feel good enough - I can relate to that.
She's the creative one of the group - I am most days!
She always wants to make a creative contribution - I strive to use creativity in everything!
She realises her mistakes and tries to put things right - I always try to improve in whatever I do.
She longs to be unique - I hate not being unique!
Gets jealous fairly easily - I do.

#SunlightSpring #SpringStep

From the moment I saw this pony, I was immediately attracted to her vibrant colours and unique design. Although her and her sister are practically recolours of one another, Spring Step's colours really brought great interest to me.
Not only are her colours bright, but her personality too! She's a pegasus cheerleader, which means she sings and dances...AND FLIES! What's cuter than a singing and dancing pony who can fly at the same time? She also wars a uniform, which makes anypony adorable, and even Soarin' couldn't resist staring...and that ended him in hospital..
When I first saw Spring Step, I instantly said "Need a plush of it."
and what...a week or so later, I won a giveaway hosted by the immensly talented Littlestplushoppe

Spring Step is deadly. 



Oh man, where do I start?
Well, when I first watched Equestria Girls as a crappy cam-rip on YouTube, I noticed a blue girl behind Fluttershy and Twilight, she had beautiful shaggy hair, perfectly blue toned skin and burning bright magenta eyes. She wore a sharp looking black shirt, a pink leopard print neckscarf and a torn purple skirt with matching black leggings.
After that scene, she made another reappearance where Pinkie Pie yelled in her face with a megaphone...Poor girl.
After seeing the film a couple more times later, I noticed her in other parts of the film and decided to do some research. What made her stand out to me is the attention to detail on her, despite her not even having a minor role.

I couldn't find any art of her, really, or any information on or about her. So when I came to uploading her, I needed a name for the deviation. I thought hard at what would be a unique yet simple name, and as a laugh; I wrote Mystery Girl...Then a lightbulb exploded in my mind. ow.
The word Mystery made for an interesting name. 
Now for the second part of the name. I looked at her skin tone and was reminded of some chewy mint sweets I used to have when I was younger. So, I thought of these possible names:
Mystery Sweet
Mystery Mintsweet
Mint Mystery
Minty Mystery
...And then it hit me. Why not just plain and simple...
Mystery Mint. 

After religiously browsing the credits of Equestria Girls for possible names, I saw
"Character Designer: Rebecca Dart"
and it turned out she had an open Twitter account, so I asked her if she designed Mystery Mint, and if she had an actual name. 
As much as I doubted a reply, yet excitedly anticipated it; I GOT A RESPONSE!
Rebecca responded:
"I don't know if she has a name, but I moddled her after a young Joan Jett."
This was a dream come true!

The rest of the conversation is here:…

...So after a while or so, I thought that now the DVD had been released, maybe they'll be art of her...
And what really shocked me was the fact that people I don't even know, had adopted Mystery Mint as her name and it had almost 100 tags on Derpibooru. I was mindblown, honoured and awestruck. 

In all honesty, I just needed to come up with a title for a deviation...
and well, it seemed like people really liked the name.

Two of my favourite humans interacting!

</strong> #SunsetShimmer
Since Equestria Girls 1, I have always been fascinated with Sunset Shimmer. 
Although I didn't enjoy the fact she was a bully, I really admired her design. The complex mane style, and her colour scheme; she also has a unique eye design and her iris colour is really unusual but nothing that looks out of place. Her voice is also pretty cool. And her cutie mark is one of the most difficult ones I've come across when drawing them. I believe it means balance and brightness.
 A yin yang sign as the heart of the sun could represent the vibrant shining of balance and harmony. 
In Rainbow Rocks, I think everybody fell in love with Sunset Shimmer.
Didn't we, SukiR? ^^

 #YoungGrannySmith #AnnieSmith

This last favourite pony thing was so hard to choose...There was Photo Finish, Sapphire Shores, Blue Cutie, Cherry Jubilee, Cheerilee, Sophisticata, Cherry Crash...oh my lordy.

So anyway. Granny Smith is a great character, but I really adore her young self. Annie Smith.
I love the fact her family helped found Ponyville and how she discovered how to grow Zap Apples. Her past self is really adorable. Again. she has a unique eye design, and her manestyle is very fancy, yet simple. There needs to be more green ponies. No...There needs to me more Annie Smith art! 

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Updates n' Stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 2:52 AM
Hey everyone!

 I hope you're all having a fine day.
If not, *hugs!*

I'm just here to note down some updates. ^^

Commissions are closed for now...But if anyone is still interested, note me.


My first day of work was yesterday, and it was quite good! Very hectic though and a little bit stressful, but nothing I won't get used to very soon. 
I had one young woman get a little mad and impatient at me, even though I apologised that it was my first day on the job and I was still only learning.
Ah well. I gotta start somewhere, and with practice I'll improve! 


My friend is hosting a giveaway here: triplerainbowdash.deviantart.c…
you should also check out her trades and commissions. ^^


I still can't get over that 'Sunlight' Spring's real name is Spring Step.
...Let alone the fact she actually now has some recognition...
...and the chances of getting to know her name were always really slim...
Here I am hoping that it's a reference or wink to us pon-pon cheerleader fans!

In future artwork I'll probably call her 'Sunlight Spring Step', for the pure fact I'm keeping 'Sunlight' as her nickname...and I'm fussy when it comes to what's canon, and I know some of your prefer her fanon name.
...For example:
Fanon: Vinyl Scratch's Eyes: RED
Canon: Vinyl Scratch's Eyes: MAGENTA
I can't stand how some people still draw her with red eyes. 
It looks funky and everything, but it's not her true self. XD

...I hope that makes sense...

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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 12:30 AM
Heeeey guys!

You know who my favourite background pony is, right?
Sunlight Spring...

WELL! Hasbro's card game have created and released  a card for her and her official name is on it...


I dunno if it's complete co-incidence that "Spring" so happens to be in the name....but I feel as if I may have had an influence.
I'm so happy!
And to be honest, Spring Step suits her much more.
And on the other hand, when searching Google for "Sunlight Spring" I believe there was a bottled water brand with the same name, so "Spring Step" may have been created to avoid Copyright.

But anyhow, Spring lives on, and I am so hyped!

Also, she created the Equestria Games uniforms. O.o
What is it with me and fashion ponies!?

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Illustrator Help?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 1:14 AM

Hey hey hey!

When I have spare time at school, I vectorise some of my work on illustrator. 

But, what do I save the file as? When I come to upload it on here, it says I must have a preview image, have you any idea what to do?

The help is really appreciated, if you have anything to offer.

Thanks a lot!

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